Multicultural Weddings


The beauty of marriage is the merging of two different family histories and backgrounds. When each member of a couple comes from a different country or a different cultural or religious background, we strive to include elements of each partner’s heritage. We want each partner and each family to feel honored and welcomed at the ceremony, and we love to help them include the special aspects of each of their pasts into one moving, harmonious ceremony.


Indian Weddings


We love the detail, intricacy and symbolism of a traditional Indian wedding. We appreciate the cultural differences between Indian weddings and traditional western weddings, and we honor and celebrate these differences. Whether you want to celebrate your union with a traditional Indian wedding or combine western and eastern cultures in a non-traditional ceremony, we can help you plan every step of your special day.

Traditionally, an Indian wedding can last several days, and we work closely with each couple and their families to plan every complex and highly choreographed step. Some couples choose only to make a celebration of a particular aspect of the traditional Indian wedding ceremony or to combine aspects of the traditional ceremony with aspects of a western ceremony. We discuss each of these important details with the couples and their families, tailoring each celebration to the values and desires of the couple.

Ritual and tradition are important in the Indian wedding ceremony, and we celebrate the color, vibrancy and joy of this wonderful occasion.

Asian Weddings


We love the ceremony and symbolism of a Chinese wedding. From the traditional red of the ceremony to the food and entertainment at the reception, we can help you plan every detail and meaningful moment of your Chinese wedding. We are also happy to plan a mixed-cultural celebration, should you choose to incorporate western elements with elements of a traditional Chinese wedding.

We understand the importance of setting the right date and time for the wedding ceremony, and we work closely with each couple to coordinate the scheduling and the timing of this important ceremony.

Whether you choose to focus on a traditional cake-cutting at the reception or to have a multi-course reception dinner, we will ease you through the planning of every detail of the celebration.

We are guided only by each couple’s values and desires. Whether you want a small, formal affair or a large and spectacular one, we will work with your ideas to create the wedding you want.

Jewish Weddings


We love the joy and exuberance of a Jewish wedding, and we can help you plan every detail of yours, from choosing the right date to helping you select a rabbi or other officiant.

We know the importance of creating a wedding ceremony that is meaningful to you and that expresses your own relationship to your faith. We will help you choose a wedding venue or location that is special to you and that is the best expression of your religious values.

Some couples personalize their weddings, with a particular selection huppah or with specially designed yarmulkes. We understand your desire to shape your special day in whatever way you wish, and we will help you achieve the wedding of your dreams.